Kadita Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD – Kadita’s new hero will be released soon, Hero Legend from Indonesia which has an interesting Magical Effect ability. In the conference event entitled “MLBB Indonesia Conference: A Legendary Future with Indonesia”. held Wednesday (5/9). To get closer to fans of Mobile Legends in Indonesia, MLBB will introduce and release Indonesian native heroes named Kadita.

Kadita is a hero inspired by the original Indonesian legendary character, Nyi Roro Kidul (Wikipedia). She will fill the role of Mage as the ruler of the forces of water and the ocean. FYI, Kadita itself is another name for the Goddess Queen of the Southern Sea.

According to him, Kadita will have two forms, namely the form of human and fish with the magic power of water element. This is done to adjust the hero to his story and title as Queen of the South Sea. This form change mechanism makes Kadita the third hero in Mobile Legends that can change form other than Roger and Selena.

Meanwhile, Kadita has a role as Mage with special crowd control, gank, and Damage Per-Seconds (DPS). This specialization can also be a preliminary picture of the skills that she will have later. There is a possibility that the Ultimate skill that she will have is a prison or whirlpool which makes the enemy paralyzed for a while while giving damage every second (DPS).

Another bad news is that Mobile Legends is still unable to determine when Kadita will be released on the main server and is still in the development stage, you can only play it on the Advanced Server. Maybe this Hero will be released free of charge with the requirements to complete the MLBB-like event (Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang) against Belerick.

So, for now you who don’t have an account in Advanced Server (Experiment) don’t worry ML Wallpaper will immediately distribute Wallpaper Kadita for free and can be a collection.

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