Hanzo Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD – this is a pretty interesting Hero Assassin! Now ML Wallpaper wants to share your Hanzo wallpapers, definitely waiting for the new hero that MLBB will release! In the upcoming release Mobile Legends is preparing to issue a new hero, and this is the Hero Advanced Server (Experiment Server). Where this server is special and limited to everyone who wants to access it.

Original Story Harith – Once upon a time, the Akakage House was hailed as a Ninja Art God. For generations, Akakages researched and taught advanced ninjutsu. To reach the pinnacle of ninja art, Akakages uses forbidden ninjutsu to cleanse their hearts from evil, anger, and greed by condemning them to become demon devils, Hanekage. No one thought that Hanekage would have consciousness even though they hid inside their bodies.

After several generations, the Akakage Family was divided into Crimson and Shadow factions. The Shadow Fraction gave birth to the strongest Akakage that the clan had seen – Hanzo. As expected, Hanzo became the head of the Shadow Faction.

However, one day, Hanzo’s team discovered his secret. During this time, Hanzo secretly united Hanekage’s strength with his own body, feeding the demon with the blood of his enemies. When confronted by the Crimson Akakage Faction, Hanzo killed them all in cold blood. Absorbing the blood of such a strong person, Hanekage regained consciousness once more.

Hanekage told Hanzo that his noble clan hid Ame no Habakiri who was strong, and feared ninjustu, in a secret location that could only be reached by Akakage. The power-hungry Hanzo misused his blood to get the forbidden ninjustu and fairy sword, Ame no Habakiri. The remaining Akakage members desperately pursued the clan’s traitor

Driven by Hanekage’s power, Hanzo used his own clan’s sword against them and tore strong energy from their flesh. Desperate, the two Akakage factions came together once more to take Hanzo as one. Severely injured, the last member of the noble Akakage House could only watch Hanzo escape.

Hanzo quietly evacuated from his wounds. Day and night, Hanzo practiced Akakage forbidden ninjutsu with Ame no Habakiri. After a decade, Hanzo can’t reach the top of ninjutsu like his ancestors. Hanekage eats ninja flesh and blood that falls and turns into a magical armor for Hanzo. Hanekage made a deal with Hanzo. In return for feeding more Hanekage blood, a strong demon will help Hanzo reach the top of ninjutsu. Having the ability to reach the top of ninjutsu and Ame no Habakiri, Hanzo brings blood bathing to the world.

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