Esmeralda (Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD) wants to share latest Hero Wallpapers Esmeralda Astrologer with a lot of Shield abilities, the uniqueness of this Hero Mage/Tank is extraordinary, the most difficult Mage Tanker dies. This one hero attracts the attention of #MLBB players, because it has such a deadly power.

The Original Story of Esmeralda in the story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

Astrologers, who always observe space, have miraculous abilities that can explain and predict everything in the world, both about the process and its results. To become an Astrologer, candidates must pass a rigorous assessment, which will test their astrological will and ability. After generations, the elders finally chose Esmeralda, a young woman who lived in the Western Desert, to become the new successor to the Land of Dawn.

After becoming the successor of Astrologers, Esmeralda is tasked with maintaining the Starmoon Casket which has been passed down from generation to generation. Hoping to unlock and gain mysterious power from ancient times, Esmeralda went to Minos Labyrinth to find the secret of the Starmoon Casket. But unfortunately, on his way to Minos Labyrinth the land suddenly trembled and the desert was shattered by a black sandstorm coming. Suddenly, the Starmoon Casket opens and a mysterious flow of power meets Esmeralda.

Under the protection of the mysterious power, Esmeralda would not get hurt and feel the old memories crossed her mind. Esmeralda felt the Starmoon Casket call him, reminding him that Khufra, a cruel Tyrant from Western Desert in the past, had risen again. Following the direction of the Starmoon Casket, Esmeralda changed her travel path to Deep Desert, a place where an ancient city stood. After the Starmoon Casket opened, two streams of power originating from him had foamed around Esmeralda – Frostmoon, enriched with magic power, and Stardust, filled with great strength.

Impressed by the power of the Starmoon Casket, which was only found in the previous story, Esmeralda saw memories of first generation Astrologers. When Esmeralda approached the ancient city, Esmeralda vaguely sensed an unknown love story between Khufra and an Astrologer. Knowing the end of their love story, Esmeralda felt a little sad and sorry for them. But this is Esmeralda’s mission to re-seal Khufra and restore peace in the Western Desert.

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