Guinevere (Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD) wants to share latest Hero Wallpapers, Guinevere or Ms.Violet heroes with magical abilities and fighters have their own uniqueness in terms of other heroes, this first Hero Fighter/Mage has great magical damage. This one hero attracts the attention of #MLBB players.

The Original Story of Guinevere in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

The Baroque family is one of several noble families in the Land of Dawn. Their most authoritative expertise is Anggar, the family Emblem, which is able to scare many opponents before they dare to attack. Besides that, beauty and wisdom are also the most perfect genetic talents of the Baroque family, just like eternal beauty and Love of Violet.

Known to the world as the Baroque Family Fencing, young Guinevere did not like it at all. Just like other girls, he naturally likes beautiful things. Since he was young, he was sent to the Magic Academy. Relying on his sensitive spiritual perception and anti-gravity magic, with his interpretation, when Guinevere was 10 years old, he managed to combine mental perception with great energy and create various magic effects – Magic Superpower. Such a breakthrough made Guinevere more passionate about learning magic, and he often experimented with his new magic on his older brother Lancelot. No matter how great Lancelot is hiding, he will be found by his younger sister. Because of this, Lancelot was often caught in a sensation he didn’t know.

When he was a child, his younger sister always made headaches. However, Lancelot still loved Guinevere. He always gave a smile to his dear sister. But every time Lancelot thought of his little sister’s magic experiment he would smile bitterly.

Recently, something has disturbed Guinevere, and made him nervous. It was reported that the noble Paxley who had a very high Magical status had filed a marriage with the Baroque family. Undoubtedly, Guinevere was the right choice and Guinevere’s father looked very willing with the marriage. But Guinevere, who objected to it, suddenly thought of an idea. He hopes to find his older brother Lancelot

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