Ruby Hero of Story Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD (Android or PC) – A long time ago, a brave hunter saved Little Red Riding Hood and her granny from a cunning wolf’s belly and they lived happily ever after… though that was not how the real story ended.

The wolf pack, harboring bitter resentment from this great shame, never forgot the scars on their bellies. One dark night when the moon was hidden, the new wolf king, White Tooth “Roger“, led the pack in attacking the village, and the elderly hunter was slain in an attempt to save granny once more.

All of this happened before the eyes of Ruby, the Little Red Riding Hood, pushing this innocent girl into madness. Grabbing her grandpa’s scythe, she sliced the wolf king into two halves, then peeled off his skin and swallowed his heart raw.

Although happy memories of her grandma and grandpa still vividly flash before her eyes, things would never be the same again. After burying her family, Ruby started to wander the Land of Dawn, scythe in hand. She made a vow – that she would create a happy ending for every story.

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