Vale Hero of Story Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD (Android or PC) – Valir, my beloved brother. You lost everything the day we made The Pact I’ll see to it that the Fire Kingdom restores everything to the way it one was. If you wish to avenge your cruel father, I do not blame you as long as you can cast away the storm within your heart. Nothing is as important as your happiness, not even my life “.

Vale fell into deep contemplation as he wrote his letter to Valir. Those first few lines brought Vale back to the days of youth, when he and Valir were the closest of friends. As Vale fell further into nostalgia, he remembered the day they met at a royal party. Ever since then, they’re both feeling a strong affinity towards each other’s magic.

For a long time, Vale and Valir were inseparable. Together, they left many memories in the Valley of the Winds, the Fire Kingdom, and many other exotic lands. When unrest flooded the Fire Kingdom, Valir quickly made his leave – Only Vale knows exactly how much Valir sacrificed that day.

As time went on, the day of The Pact was coming soon. Vale’s magical abilities to control winds have grown more sophisticated over the years. In fact, he’s the only member of his family who can change the winds with magic. Yet, Vale has never shown his magic to anyone before. Vale waited and waited for the day of The Pact to come.

On that day, he would put on an spectacular display of wind magic for the boy who is like fire. Vale believes that Valir will see his splendorous time of their youth.

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